Janome Sewing Machine Review


Whether it is for commercial purposes or day to day activities, sewing is one of the tasks that you will encounter in your lifetime. For sewing to be effectively done, the most important thing that you should have is a good sewing machine. This is where Janome best sewing machine for beginners comes in handy. In this article, we will aim at reviewing this machine and hope by the end of this review; you will have learned a thing or two about the machine.

Types of Janome Sewing Machines

These machines are categorized basing on the type of services they offer. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Sewing machines

These are mostly used for home sewing purposes. They serve basic needs. The come with built in stitches and also carry with them extra stitches that may be important to you, therefore, enhancing your sewing experience.

  1. Serger machines

Janome Sewing MachineThese are mostly used for professional purposes. If you like sewing and like to take it as a career or long time job, this is probably for you. Serger machines use unraveling tightly overlock stitching making them look nice. It is only with Janome however that you will get a serger with up to four threads. This allows you to stylishly finish your work.

  1. Embroidery machines

These are specifically meant to help you in embroidery. Different patterns and logos can be made using this machines. They also give room for new ideas and designs as with them you can make any design you want and how you want it to be.

Advantages of Janome sewing machines

  1. Easy to use

More specifically to the new beginners, Janome sewing machines are technically easy to operate. Using it is simple, just get it out of the box, use it to thread for the debutant time and off you go.

  1. Cheap to acquire

With all its qualities, Janome Sewing Machines are cheap to acquire as compared to its other competitor is the market and they come in lots of varieties

  1. Durability

Janome sewing machines are durable and are not easy subjects to wear and tear. They last for years after purchase. Some of the other advantages of these products are; they have different stitch options and are innovative.


Janome Sewing Machines come in three different types namely, basic sewing machines, embroideries, and sergers. They are also wealthy of advantages as discussed above.