How to Choose Accessories to Your Watch?

In the era of smartphones, watches have long ago stopped being just a tool used to measure the time. Most women treat them as an inseparable part of their dress, one they absolutely cannot go without. Choosing and wearing a watch requires similar rules to the ones used when buying any other jewelry – usually depending on the size and shape of your watch.

A Big Face Watch

A few years ago big face watches have become really popular and the trend is still present today. Women willingly choose the ones that stick out easily. Of course, with such a clearly visible watch, any accessories and jewelry should be cut to minimum – you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. A stylish, elegant big face watch is a good decoration of your hand by itself. All you could add is a small, elegant ring, one that obviously fits the watch, also Watch-a-mania can help you get some idea.

Something more delicate

watches1Simple and delicate watches do not require you to narrow down your choice of accessories so hard. A modest watch does not attract as much attention as its bigger counterpart. Of course again, you should not exaggerate, but an elegant bracelet could be a good fit to your watch. Obviously, gold fits gold and silver fits silver – this creates an elegant image, which presents itself great regardless of the occasion.

To such a delicate watch a ring is another good choice – don’t go for the huge one, though. Despite your watch being much smaller than in the case of a big face watch, you should keep your ring small and elegant, to emphasize the classy choice of your watch as like top digital watches.

What about a colorful watch?

A lot of women go for the alluring colorful watches, which usually distinguish from their clothes. Keep in mind that a sticking out watch is usually enough – adding a bracelet or a big ring would be too much and can quickly turn your attire from elegant and fancy to a classless caricature. And no women wants to look like that.

Protect it well

Watches of reputed brands are usually very durable and no elements can be easily damage. That doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t take a good care of them. Handle them carefully, and when choosing any kind of jewelry, especially for the hand on which you wear your watch, choose something that won’t damage the face glass or strap. Anything that’s sharp or heavy has to go because it could easily scratch the glass or tear the strap. If you really can’t go without your bracelet, choose the other hand as it’s a better place for jewelry.

In fact, if you choose to wear jewelry and accessories, use your second hand so that you don’t have to worry about their size, shape or details. Of course, they still should fit your watch, but unless they are really extravagant you should do well. Remember that you still have to pay attention not to damage your watch, as you may accidentally hit it – but if you play it well, nothing bad should happen.