5 Tool Worth Having Before Renovating Your House

The following tools are very handful during each renovation as they can help you with many different tasks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just redecorating your living room or actually want to demolish a wall or two – if you don’t have them in your tool set, write their names down and go get them as they will make your life a lot easier. Also Watch-a-mania can help you get some idea.

Although some people will most likely use an external, professional company to do the work, for some slight alterations you can definitely spare a few days. Look around the web, there’s a lot of cool guides on how to assemble furniture, paint the walls or renovate the floor. And if you do that by yourself, you’ll not only save money but you’ll have a huge satisfaction, telling everyone ‘Yes, I know it looks amazing – I did it all by myself.’

What comes in handy before a renovation?

house renovation toolsBefore a renovation there a few essentials you should own – a hammer, linesman’s pliers, screwdriver, pincers and a power drill – these are the universal tools, which you will definitely use not just once, but anytime there’s something to fix. This means you should choose high-quality ones and treat your purchase as a long-term investment.

1. Tools to measure the surface

One of the first things you should do during any renovation is to measure the room and floor/walls surface properly. A good level together with a tape measure will work wonders here and will make your job a child’s play. Knowing the size of the surface you are going to work with, allows you to plan your work better and top digital watches.

2. Cut it like a pro

In your home tools set you cannot miss a utility knife, which is great for cutting most of the light materials, such as fabric, paper, rubber, plastic or wood. Choose the one that allows you to hide the blade as it’s the safest and most convenient one.

3. The all-time classic

You obviously can’t miss a hammer, the most universal tool in your house. Depending on its size, you can drive a nail with it, forge metal or even demolish a whole wall. There are different models such as a claw hammer or a framing hammer. Apart from a hammer, keep nails of different shapes and sizes in stock.

4. Drive it quickly

To quickly drive or remove the screws, instead of using a classic screwdriver, you can go for an electric one. It’s especially useful when working with furniture or any other thing that requires a lot of screws as it saves you lots of time and makes your job much easier. Sometimes an electric screwdriver can be used as a power drill, especially on a soft surface.

5. Give your walls a new color

If you want to make the process of painting your walls enjoyable and giving long-lasting results, it’s good to get a few necessary accessories – high-quality brushes and paint rollers, masking films and tapes, and an easy to clean paint tray. Of course, don’t forget a bucket of a good paint!